Expert Screen Installation

Bakersfield Patios Screen Installers
At Bakersfield Patios, we provide expert installation services for solar screens, drop down screens, and security screen doors.

Solar screens

On average, solar screens reduce the temperature of each room by 10-12 degrees. They go over the entire outside of your window, acting as a privacy screen during the day. You will be able to see out, but it is nearly impossible for people to see in. Solar screens also serve as traditional bug screens as. We can install them over sliding doors, windows, and screen doors. Other noteworthy features include:

  • 80% or 90% screen for our solar screens
  • Pet resistant against minor scratching
  • White, tan, or black aluminum framing
  • Extremely durable in high winds
  • Easy to remove and clean

Drop-Down Screens

The great thing about drop down screens is that they are there when you want them, and out of the way when you don’t. We install both automatic or hand-crank drop-down shades and screens. Available in several screen and casing color options to best match your home, our drop-down screens offer up to 95% screening against hot, harsh solar light.

Security Screen Doors

Bakersfield Patios installs security screen doors that are strong enough to take the blow of a crowbar, yet sleek and attractive enough to go on your front door. Our true frame security doors offer a full view screen that allows air to circulate through your home, as well as protect it from unwanted intruders.
Available in almost any color, our doors can be matched with your existing door and the color of your home.

For a FREE estimate on solar screens, drop down screens, and security screen doors throughout the Bakersfield area, contact us or call (661) 378-1414 today.