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Combo Patio Covers

Combo Patio Covers

Lattice and Solid Roof Combinations

Do you want the protection from the sun and rain that a solid patio cover gives, yet still have the look of a lattice patio cover ? No problem. We can design a combo patio cover any way you can imagine, from half solid and half lattice to lattice-solid-lattice, or any other custom design.

Our state-of-the-art engineering department can design the patio you want and ensure that it is in full compliance with any city or county permit regulations. Most patio covers are ordered and scheduled for installation in one to three weeks. The actual installation of your patio covers normally only takes one or two days.


For a FREE estimate on custom combo (lattice and solid) patio covers throughout the Bakersfield area, contact us or call (661) 378-1414 today.